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Wooden Rainbow Dolls
Wooden Rainbow Dolls

Wooden Rainbow Dolls

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Foster your child's creativity and imagination with these Wooden Rainbow Dolls.  Add loads of open-ended playtime when paired with other Waldorf and Montessori-inspired toys from our Wooden Rainbow Collection like the Wooden Rainbow Bridges, Hearts and Semi-circles. The Wooden Rainbow Dolls is an open design toy, suitable for children of any age to play and learn.  These rainbow peg dolls have simple forms, allow children to decide "who" the dolls are with their own imagination, to pretend play and create their own tiny world. It is also a good parent-child play, promotes communication between parents and child, which is a boost to a child's self-esteem

Wooden Rainbow Dolls can be grabbed easily by toddlers helping them develop their

  • fine motor skills,
  • hand-eye coordination, 
  • counting and color recognition

Dimensions: 1.57 x 2.53inch